Client Advisor – Fall 2015 – Safe-Harbor Home Office Deduction

CaptureTaxpayers can elect to take a simplified deduction for the business use of the taxpayer’s home. The deduction is $5 per square foot, with a maximum square footage of 300. Thus, the maximum deduction is $1,500 per year. Here are the details of this simplified method:

Annual Election – A taxpayer may elect to take the safe-harbor method or the regular method on an annual basis. Thus, a taxpayer may freely switch between the methods each year. The election is made by choosing the method on a timely filed original return and is irrevocable for that year.

Depreciation – When the taxpayer elects the safe-harbor method, no depreciation deduction for the home is allowed, and the depreciation for the year is deemed to be zero.

Additional Office Expenses – Additional office expenses such as utilities, insurance, office maintenance, etc., are not allowed when the safe-harbor method is used.

Home Interest and Taxes – Prorated home interest and taxes are not allowed as an office expense when using the safe-harbor method. Instead, 100% of the home interest and taxes are deductible as usual on Schedule A.

Deduction Limited by Business Income – As is the case with the regular method, under the safe-harbor method the home office deduction is limited by the business income. For the safe harbor, the deduction cannot exceed the gross income derived from the qualified business use of the home for the taxable year reduced by the business deductions (deductions unrelated to the qualified business use of a home). However, unlike the regular method, any amount in excess of this gross income limitation is disallowed and may not be carried over and claimed as a deduction in any other taxable year.

Home Office Carryover – This cannot be used in a year in which the safe-harbor method is used. The carryover continues to future years and can only be used when the regular method is used.

Qualifications – A taxpayer must still meet the regular qualifications to use the safe-harbor method.

Reimbursed Employee – The safe-harbor method cannot be used by an employee who receives advances, allowances, or reimbursements for expenses related to qualified business use of his or her home under a reimbursement or other expense allowance arrangement with the employer.

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